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Dip your toes into the ocean of holistic health! This membership is the perfect place for you as you work on any of Christina’s or Kelly’s programs. It will help you continue to learn, grow, develop your skills in holistic health with the added bonus of building a community of like-minded individuals!

Existing Clients, You are in the RIGHT PLACE!

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How Do I Sign Up?

1. Click Here to Invest in our Founding Member Access Pass  

2. Click Here to create a user name and password to the Island.


- You will continue to have your all-access pass to PLUS an Island Pass to help enrich

your wellness journey!

What is the Island Pass?


We at Purely Simple have seen how sometimes clients can feel like they are all on their own in their health journey, especially when they are a rebel!  But an island doesn’t have to feel or be isolating!  As a matter of fact, it should be an oasis.  A place you feel safe to learn, grow, and discover yourself without negative influence and only with like-minded tribemates.  This Island Pass is a monthly enrollment that Educates, Empowers, & Equips in a way that is designed to help you maintain your momentum throughout your wellness journey with consistent accountability and results! We want to give YOU an option to work closely with us in between appointments and have the connection of community that a group class provides anytime!  


The Island Pass is an adventure for everyone!


Think of some of the Islands you may have visited or desire to visit.  Doesn’t it have different ways to get there, passages, pathways?  Therefore, with the same thought in mind, you may decide to take a “trip” into one of the other many programs we have here at Purely Simple but you always know you have the Island to get back to for restoring your mind, body, soul, spirit health!  We are confident you will find great value in the Purely Simple Island pass.  As a client this gains you access to unlimited communication on Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm and exclusive Island access!

  • You’ll receive a deeper understanding of your health journey with better results of your personalized blueprint.  

  • It will increase your commitment and drive towards goals.  

  • While in the 10-week class, you get a kickstart to start outlining your blueprint with hands-on tools right away and the Island Pass strengthens these tools you have/are learning.  

  • It also gives you accountability to keep up the momentum of your health journey. 

  •  PLUS, we’re throwing in a fabulous bonus: Full access to an Online Wellness Community!