Save your money, save your health!

Have you been hit with an unshakable diagnosis; and feeling overwhelmed and hopeless?


Our group classes will empower and educate you to take your health back into your own hands as you go step-by-step to discover your optimal health. Every person is genetically different, so every blueprint for wellness will be personalized for YOU!

Ready to sail into a new healthier you!

STOP: These classes are not for everyone...


It's only for those who are serious about committing to wellness, detoxing, & beginning life anew on a more holistic path. Classes are live & not recorded to keep you accountable to your commitment & require your active participation.


  • Test your body for imbalance

  • Tune-in and identify the triggers

  • Detox the mind, body, spirit, and home

  • Implement emotional wellness techniques

  • Heal your gut

  • Identify and remove co-infections

  • Balance hormones to relieve stress

  • Create a blueprint to maintain your own health

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