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Pebble Stone Beach

NEW to the Island? Start Here!

This is a content-rich place for you to continue your wellness journey, fill in the gaps, or even just dip your toes into the ocean of holistic health. Scroll down to see what you can explore on the Purely Simple Organic Living Island!  


Welcome to a personalized approach to wellness. 

We help you create and implement sustainable lifestyle changes by understanding that your whole body (mind, body, and spirit) work together as one flowing system and can’t be patched together with mismatched supplements or prescriptions.


Together we will identify the root causes that are preventing you from obtaining your optimum health goals and implement changes to not only help you feel better but to thrive.


Our group classes will empower and educate you to take your health back into your own hands as you go step-by-step to discover your optimal health. Every person is genetically different, so every blueprint for wellness will be personalized for YOU!


“…We have the absolute best wellness guides ever!  When I met Christina Sessums and Kelly Frick and whom they served, I felt I had found a smart holistic group of women to ask for guidance. We ALL deserve a smart set of friends to lean on for advice….This is why I'm super excited about being one of the founding members of this community called The Island!”

~Elle A.

In addition to our 1 on 1 Coaching, Group Classes, and more, we ALSO have monthly Coffee Chats, several times a year, day workshops, mini-courses, and an annual retreat.  Never miss out on any extra and special events at Purely Simple Organic Living!  Check out our Events Calendar. Click the link below!

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  • More convenient care (anytime / anywhere).

  • More timely care (no waiting rooms, no travel time, no traffic, less time off work).

  • 24/7 online personalized document access for your health records. (HIPAA compliant and secure).

  • Easy and secure face-to-face video contact

  • Increased accessibility (ongoing access to a practitioner for dedicated support).

  • In-home lab testing (easy to use kit delivered right to your door)

  • Unique group class offerings (allow you to learn alongside other health-minded individuals nationwide).

  • An intimate setting and personalized attention with a leading expert in autoimmune diseases.